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This Book, is officially the first Book of the man of God after having published the Guide of the Evangelism (which, as the name indicates, is a guide to help in a practical and effective Evangelism).
This book, far from being an ordinary document, presents itself as a watchman, which alerts us about the rapture. Based purely on the Word of God, punctuated with multiple verses and above all divinely inspired, this book is the subject of a cry from the heart; a manifestation of God's love that alerts and prepares his people for the return of JESUS. It is more than essential in these last days to remain very attentive to the HOLY SPIRIT and above all to be ready for the sound of the trumpet. This book prepares us for it. He reminds us of the urgency of the end times (according to JESUS' own Words) and shows us the attitude to have in order not to miss the "appointment" with the Bridegroom JESUS.

May this book be an instrument of GOD to transform your life and prepare you for the glorious return of the Lord JESUS

The Mountains the Housetop and the Fields

  • Pastor Mathieu Zampaligre, author of this Holy Spirit inspired book, is established by God in the United States of America whose ministry Christ to All Nations has the primary goal to bring Jesus Christ to all nations.

    In addition to wanting to bring the Word of God to the surface and to lead the people of GOD to JESUS through the HOLY SPIRIT, he is working at preaching the Gospel for the salvation of souls. Moreover, he is the president, under the divine direction of the ministry of evangelization Big Harvest Movement (BHM) which has different branches among others: Jesus Christ on the Streets (JCOS) which aims to evangelize in the streets, God Touch Nations which consists of organising face-to-face crusades across different nations, Impact Homes which consists of sending the Gospel to households through mailboxes, Impact Prisons which is responsible for sending the Gospel and words of encouragement by letters in prisons, Crusade of Evangelism in Otherways (CEO) which, through social medias, conveys the message of the Gospel by targeting specific nations according to divine instructions.

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